Thursday, July 29, 2010

Regular dull recap time.......


Battlefield 2: MC - 315/1000
Beautiful Katamari - 1050/1250
Bladestorm - 150/1000
Call of Duty: WaW - 1000/1500
C&C Kane’s Wrath - 130/1000
Dante's Inferno - 1000/1290
Fairytale Fights - 165/1000
Fallout 3 - 320/1550
Final Fantasy XIII - 230/1000
Gears of War 2 - 1410/1750
GRAW - 737/1000
GRAW 2 - 1000/1250
Guitar Hero 2 - 320/1000
Hellboy: SoE - 310/1000
Left 4 Dead - 1195/1250
Lego Harry Potter - 660/1000
Lego Star Wars TCS - 240/1000
Lost Planet - 350/1000
Perfect Dark Zero - 150/1000
Project Sylpheed - 60/1000
Risen - 70/1000
Spiderman 3 - 10/1000
Splinter Cell: DA - 670/1000
Star Wars: Republic Heroes - 365/1000
Supreme Commander - 110/1000
Table Tennis - 630/1000
Tomb Raider: Legend - 1000/1250
Vampire Rain - 650/1000
Virtua Tennis 09 - 545/1000
WSC 2007 - 550/1000
You’re in the Movies - 140/1000

TOTAL - 15532/34090


Boogie Bunnies - 115/200
Eets: Chowdown - 40/200
Geometry Wars - 40/200
Puzzle Quest - 200/250
Texas Hold ‘Em - 105/200
Wallace and Gromit - 100/200
Where's Wally - 40/200

TOTAL - 640/1450

I haven't done this in a while (and I know people love it) so there is the radom stats that make up my gamercard. I think the only things missing from this list are Chromehounds at 700/1000(not attainable anymore due to server closure), Madden 07 at 990/1000 (last 10 points is only available to NTSC players, thanks EA) and Phantasy Star Universe at 1000/1250 (screw doing the online only subscription DLC).

I've managed to knock three games off the list but I've also added Lego Potter and Fallout 3 so that adds a few extra points. My short term goals are Potter and L4D with a dash of Fallout 3 on top. Once I get those done then I may try and focus on one of my quite low scoring games like Risen or Project Sylpheed. Depends how I feel I suppose, though no doubt some shiny new game will turn up to grab my attention.

GSL is coming up in September and I'll probably use it as an excuse to churn out a bunch of easy games in a short amount of time, which should help me to clear the decks a bit. Things like Hellboy and Fairytale FIghts should be ripe for some easy plundering on my list, along with a whole bunch of things I've not even touched yet too.

After the great progress earlier in the year I seem to have slowed to a crawl, but hopefully things will pick up. Yay!


Halo 3 is done with and it has only taken me about three years. Ha ha, some games just seem to hang around like a bad smell and I never really get around to them but at least Halo 3 is another one off the list. The really good thing is the fact that I only had the game at about 800 points until a couple of months ago, so doing all of the ranked stuff, metagame levels and DLC has been a fairly swift progression.

I will hold my hands up and say there are a couple of zero point achievements outstanding, which may or may not get done at some point in time. One of them is only for getting 7XP on the 7th of the month, so that's not too bad, but getting four people together for the last level may be a pain. I don't really care for zero pointers anyway so they won't be that high of a priority.

I've invested a bit more time in Fallout 3 as well, mainly scouring the waste for Bobbleheads and the like. At the moment I've tracked down 11 of the little buggers and I'm about to snag number twelve. I figured that I would do all of the exploring first, then focus on the main side quests and then finish off the story. Once that is done I'll concentrate on all of the DLC tasks, though I may just mix them in with my regular exploring if I stumble across anything.

Tonight I'm hoping to get the last Expert level done on L4D, then I can spend next week grinding the remaining kills I need to finish it off. Another game down (fingers crossed). I'm also pretty sure I'll get Lego Harry Potter done at some point in the near future as well. It seems to be taking me longer than expected really but I'm sure it will be sorted sooner or later.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Exploring the waste

I'm really enjoying Fallout 3 at the moment, I'm not sure what it is about the game that appeals to me but being able to ramble through the wilderness exploring every nook and cranny is just so wonderfully entertaining. I think the main appeal is that every new area has something weird, creepy or disturbing to see.

Entering a weird Vault, filled with mind altering gas, and having to cope with bizarre visions as you try to loot the place is just something else. Same goes when you stumble across a town infected with giant ants. Or even a man merged with a tree. It's a great miz of funny and threatening moments and, even though the variety of the swag seems limited at the moment, it keeps on drawing me in.

Early doors I went on a Scrap Metal search spree, as you can use the metal to gain near infinite amounts of XP via a strange theft/speech loop. Which is all good if you ask me. So I went ahead and levelled up to 20 (with brief stops along the way to snag the neutral/evil achievements). I suppose you could say that I have spoiled the fun somewhat (though I am still grinding up to level 30 now) but for me the enjoyment here comes from just roaming the wide open spaces as opposed to seeing what skill is next up on my roster - especially as none of them are that overwhelmingly powerful anyway.

I've done a whole bunch of the main sidequests but not much of the actual story really. I decided to do a bit of Bobblehead hunting first and maybe scour the land for some juicy weapons and the like, the story can come along when I'm ready for it, ha ha!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome to the waste

Well I started Fallout 3 and I'm enjoying it so far - though I do wonder if it will outstay its welcome like Oblivion did. When I first started playing Oblivion I loved the open world nature of it and spent hours carefully exploring and levelling up, then after about 40-50 hours of that I got tired of doing the same old quests with minor spins, visiting remarkable familiar tombs and finding loot that was worse than the kick ass equipment I already had.

I'm hopeful that the variety in Fallout will be much greater and that the story will continue to tick along nicely, but I have a nagging doubt that such will be the case. At the moment I've spent a few hours escaping from Vault 101, exploring the local area and doing a few quests in Megaton - so there is still plenty to see and do. Let the good times roll. What I do like is the VATS feature as it gives a fun edge to combat, though I have to say that manual aiming can be a nightmare at times due to the rather bizarre movement exhibited by some A.I.

The reason I'm soldiering on with a new game at all is thanks to the fact I finished GOW 2 on Insane difficulty and Co-op in one fell swoop. The only section where you HAVE to have a second controller is when running through the giant worm stomach - everything else can be done solo with two pads, though obviously having an actual partner would speed things along. I'll probably get started on Horde fairly soon depending on how quick I find some likeminded folks.

I've also made a bit more progress on Lego Harry Potter, as my girlfriend finally agreed to play it again (I'm only allowed to play Lego games in co-op with her, ha ha). So we polished off all of the levels in the first year and a couple of the second. Only 16 more levels to plough through, for collectables and characters, until I'm done. Then a few misc achievements will see me at the full 1k. Nice and easy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hence the update when I really have nothing much to report.

Churning through Gears of War 2 on Insane difficulty, and co-op to boot, is proving to be a bit of a pain. Especially as some of the sections are impossible to do solo with two pads (as it should be really) so I've had to rope my girlfriend into assisting on a couple of sections. But her play time is about ten or fifteen minutes tops, so it hasn't been too bad.

As it stands I am about halfway through the fourth act so progress is fairly good. Not to mention that there are some exceedingly short sections towards the end of the game, especially the last two chapters, meaning that I'm probably quite a way towards completing it. Doing that will also push me ever closer to 93% completion - should be at about 91.50% I reckon. So I'm really cranking it up on the completion front.

Considering my target for the year was to hit 93% I am well on my way to that and maybe I'll be able to push on even further. My ultimate task is to get to 95% and then I will start on my stack of untouched games, perhaps even a couple at a time, in order to clear the decks a bit. You know you have too many games when you can sell five of them off and the shelves are still groaning.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Changing targets

Well I managed to polish off Toy Story 3 over the weekend, though sadly I couldn't put any time into either Halo 3 or Lego Harry Potter so those will juct be ongoing projects as and when I can get people together. At least the last few missions on Toy Story were nice and easy though I thought the game had glitched on me at one point, on the very last Gold Star too, until I spotted a task I had missed. Dumb ass. So that minor moment of stress aside it was an easy run to 1k and fairly enjoyable to boot

I also started my Insane/Co-op run on GOW 2 as I've decided to do it solo, using two pads on spilt screen mode, to save on the hassle of finding a reliable partner or forcing someone who has already slogged through the game to revisit it. So far, so good, as I've managed to get through pretty much all of the first two acts by myself. I may need the assistance of my lady on the part where *SPOILER* you have to run through the inside of a giant worm being chased by its last meal. Not sure I could negotiate that bit solo. Same rules may apply to some of the later boss fights but we shall see. Once I finish that run I will only have the eleven additional Horde mode achievements left to get - so it will be time to form some kind of super team and go for it.

I'm also going to break off from any new games and revisit Fallout 3, as I've only spent a small amount of time on the PC version, and hopefully play the game from start to finish. I have an upcoming hands on with the sequel (New Vegas) so want to be as up to speed as possible. Plus, it's a cracking game so it is really win win. Hurrah!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


That would be a good mark on an exam right? Ha ha, well my completion is creeping ever upwards and I'm trying to balance playing newer gamers with older stuff to keep it that way.

I ticked off a few more achievements on Gears 2 and Halo 3, though I still have things to do on both but Halo in particular is pretty much done now just a few more achievements and then a couple of zero pointers and it will be in the bag. Gears 2 will probably stew for a while unless I can find a team of people ready to do all the horde stuff with me. I have to do at least two maps to level 50 and a bunch to level 10, 20, 30 and 40 so it will be a solid weeks worth of work methinks. Then I need to go back and go Insane difficulty and co-op, ugh!

Still it would be awesome to get those two 1750 point games wrapped up sooner rather than later so I'll try and push the boat out, my plan is to get all of the points on Halo 3 this weekend so fingers crossed that I can make it happen.

In other news I've finished up my Singularity review, the game was truly entertaining if a little crappy in places. You will have probably seen it all before as it does like to borrow ideas from far and wide but is fun nonetheless. Though after seeing the multiplayer boosting required I decided to give it a miss in terms of my own tag - as this year alone has seen me conquer Gears 1 and 2 - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The next online multiplayer game I work on is likely to some time away, ha ha! This is where having four back up tags comes in handy (one of them my girlfriends and the others for boosting).

Next up was Toy Story 3, which landed in the States a month or so ago but is only gracing our fair shores this week. As a kids game it is actually pretty solid, although the story is amazingly short. Thankfully the Toy Box mode gives it the fun and longevity factor, though some of the missions get a bit repetitive and you will get sick of collectables soon enough. I've pretty much completed it all with the exception of the last few Gold Stars and Pictogram missions which should be an hour or twos work at most.

I'm also hopeful of polishing off Lego Harry Potter this week too. I've been playing it with my better half and we have chalked off all of the collectables in Hogwarts and now just have to replay the levels to find all the missing crests, characters and bricks to finish it off. Boo yah!

Then I'll have a month off from reviews (hopefully) as nothing big lands until August. Not to mention the fact I'll be in Cologne at Gamescom too, so that will require a wealth of writing for previews and such. In the interim I will concentrate on mopping up some games and maybe even starting something new. Good times.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Reviews, reviews, reviews

It has been a busy couple of weeks on the old wordsmith front - I've already had International Cricket 2010, Lego Harry Potter and Naughty Bear posted up. I finished my draft for Tiger Woods 11 yesterday too so that should be joining them and now I'm starting up on Singularity. When will the madness end? Ha ha!

At least summer is looking fairly lean so I should have plenty of time to focus purely on playing games I want to play. Which means finishing things off for a start and the list is now encompassing Halo 3, Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead - not to mention games I've been playing with my better half: Lego Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars and Republic Heroes. Those six titles will be my main concern in the near future and hopefully I can get at least four of them chalked off within the next month or so.

I really want to start polishing off a bunch of these games that I have close to completion as then I can move onto something new (well not new - but something I've never played before). Though, knowing me, I'll just drag up some other game I have hardly any points in and try to finish that off instead. Such is my OCD I guess.

Near future though is Gears related. I'm going to try and get that bad boy done and dusted as soon as is humanly possible now that I've got Veteran Gear out of the way. I'm sure ploughing through Horde mode will not be too taxing, but I have to do it on a bunch of maps so it will be a real slog. Same goes for completing the game in co-op and on Insane difficulty. It is really just a time sink rather than a major challenge.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Broken promises

But in the best way possible.......

After saying I would stick to my guns, and my rank of 50, in Gears of War 2 I managed to completly buckle under the pressure of 8x experience. With an offer like that how could I possible refuse?

So I managed to accomplish in five nights (a couple during 6x experience and three during 8x experience) what has taken more ardant players months of time and effort. I got to level 100 late last night with probably less than 30 hours of online play all told. Sadly the achievement has only put me at 780 points in the game as I still haven't done the single player, Insane difficulty, co-op, the deleted scene and all of the horde stuff added by the various DLC packs. I'm hoping to get the other 'online' only stuff done this week (namely 10 meatflags and guardian wins) and then focus on horde. I'll leave single player until last methinks.

With that little gem wrapped up - though I fancy that the achievement will become more common than muck considering how often these gargantuan XP events seem to be getting rolled out - I can move back to finishing off some other things I've left by the wayside.

This week I'm hoping to finish off Halo 3 and L4D if at all possible, two games that have been sat around for a good while now. It would be nice if I could cut down my number of uncompleted titles to less than 20 come year end (including arcade titles) so I'll endeavour to do everything I can to make that happen.