Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poor showing recently

My blog has been kind of neglected for the last month or so, but that is mainly due to the fact that I've been bogged down with grinding few the same few games over and over again. I figure no one wants to read about that shit, and I certainly do not want to write about it and so here we are.

I have played a bunch of games for review recently which were ok but not great.

Green Lantern is a fairly decent movie tie-in for once, I mean it is hardly ground breaking stuff but I really did kind of enjoy playing through it - unlike Thor recently. I'd recommend it for anyone after a quick 1k as it will only take you about seven or eight hours if you stick with it. Plus, the gameplay is actually not too bad and Ryan Reynolds helps to keep things ticking over.

I also played Hunted: The Demons Forge which is a co-op dungeon crawler/RPG Lite in the diablo mould. It is decent enough, especially with a buddy, but does get kind of repetitive after a while. It is a shame as the characters are actually pretty well realised and really deserved something a bit more engrossing than a fair to middling hack and slash affair.

Both games slot into the 60%+ category as while they have their moments there are also a few flaws to stop them knocking on the door of being a true gaming neccessity. It is something I've spoken about with Webb before, as a lot of sites seem to think that 70% is a 'bad' or average game, whereas surely 50% is an average game and anything above that is above the norm while anything below that is clearly saddled with issues.

It just seems like few places use the whole 1-100 (or 1-10) spectrum in a good way, and most games will end up with a score of 7-10 with very few other scores being used except for on rare occasions. It's weird, but so is writing reviews about entertainment products which are highly subjective in the first place.

Away from reviews I managed to coax my lady into plenty of Lego gaming, so that we have finally finished off Lego Star Wars 3 and Lego Pirates. I only have the Complete Star Wars saga on my to do list now, so I really should get around to it. I also completed Green Lantern (shock) in double quick time and I'm FINALLY closing in on finishing C&C Kane's Wrath with 73/90 of the Kane's Challenge missions done. It will be nice to play the last mission for each faction one after the other and see those achievements pop up let me tell you.

I also recently started boxing up some of my old stuff with a view to moving house and it's impressive just how much gaming crap I have. I managed to discover my old PS2, N64, Xbox and a plethora of games for each of them. My PS1 and PS2 RPG collections are pretty huge to be honest and it upsets me that I was never able to get around to finishing them all off. Maybe when I retire........

Thursday, June 02, 2011

What's been happening?

Well after a good start to the year my blogging has kind of taken a hiatus in the last few weeks. I think the main reason is down to the fact I've done nothing but replay WSC Real 11 in order to finish up the last few achievements that I was screwed out of when my save corrupted. As a result I was pretty busy just plugging away at the same few events I'd already slogged through which is hardly the best way to get those creative writing juices flowing.

Luckily I finally finished the game off at the weekend, though there was one final twist in the tale. I unlocked the last trophy (which was, ironically, for winning ALL trophies) and didn't get the achievement. As you can imagine, my patience by this point was already worn pretty thin so I was not best pleased. My last resort was to try and play through one more event as a few people had reported success with that method. Fortunately it worked a treat and the relief was palpable.

I do find it odd that I will play a game for hours in order to get a review done, without even the slightest hiccup, and once I then go back to finish the game up a bunch of niggles and glitches will rear their ugly heads. It boggles my mind, and I recall this exact scenario popping up with VT09 back in the day too.

I also managed to smash through Morph X at the weekend too. In case you've never heard of the game, and why would you have, it is a pretty awful third person shooter that can be pimped for a full 1k in about a day if you were feeling up for it. Honestly the graphics are poor, the achievements and subtitles have spelling mistakes and the story is terrible - but at least it was something a bit different and got me moving in the right direction again.

I've also been playing some Lego Pirates with the missus as well, which is a lot of fun though I think my devotion to Lego games may be waning. Pirates is one of the best out there but it is still just more of the same really and I still have to go back and finish up Lego Star Wars 3 as well - which I'm not looking forward to at all, as I felt that game was a let down.

I'm actually at the point now where I'm toying with starting something new, but I'm not entirely sure what yet. I think an RPG like Eternal Sonata may well be in the frame, as I'm still hankering after something a bit different at the moment. I also have C&C: Kane's Wrath to finish up and I've decided to do a level on each of the Challenge missions at a time - as each of the nine factions take on the otheres in exactly the same order/maps so I may as well just do the same map for each faction and work my way up. As it will mean I can just find a successful strategy and stick with it. I've done 21/90 missions this way so far, so hopefully I can blitz through it in time. I also have Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the way from Lovefilm too - so I can get all the online stuff done on that bad boy and chalk another game off of my list. Boo yah!