Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fun times and personal trials

Been having a rough time recently due to a serious illness in the family but thankfully things seem to be picking up. It has meant a pretty stressful time and less time doing just about everything - I've barely had time to go and do any food shopping, ha ha!

Still I have tried to keep myself busy with a bit of gaming alongside keeping the house tidy and popping over to the hospital twice a day. Now that I'm back at work things are even more hectic so I tend to work, pop for a visit, eat and then go to bed. Not the best of lifestyles but hopefully things are on the upwards slope.

Games wise I buckled to the needs of the GSL (even though my team are only casual participants) and stormed through Fallout 3 (PC) and Terminator Salvation as well. I also have the new CSI game waiting for my attention. However, my brief sojourn into points based pimping has come to a crashing halt as I've been loving Dragon Age Origins instead.

The game reminds me of Baldurs Gate (same developer, so that's unsurprising I guess) and is just all around awesome. The combat system can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, though it has to be said that the flexibility of the controls can never match up to the PC version. Still the story, characters and missions are top drawer and things never seem to get dull. I'm being fairly cheap and making multiple saves in order to get all of the moral choice related achievements, as even though I love the game to bits I really don't want to play it two or three times all the way through.

Once that is done I may well go back to CSI and Fairytale Fights, which I have put off playing for now until I can find a partner to do the multiplayer achievements with. Apparently if you complete the game solo it glitches the MP stuff so you can't get it - neat trick.

I recently read Stallions post about old gaming consoles too and it succeeded in making me feel old as I flashed back to my old ZX Spectrum days - truly the pinnacle of gaming, ha ha!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A lovely milestone

150 retail games completed.


That includes all games that I have hit 1k in - some of which I have gone on to get the extra DLC for and some I have not. I have noticed that my dashboard tally only counts DLC if I play the game after said content is available. My Halo 3 achievements were showing as 800/1000 until about a month ago when I played it again and now it shows as 805/1750. Same with FIFA 09 which I have the full 1k on and plan to never play again - it shows as 1000/1000 rather than 1000/1250. A neat little twist and one that should really be standard on all websites but what are you gonna do?

So anyway, my 150 games are all at 1k and some have the DLC done too. I'm close to adding L4D and WWE 2010 to that number but for now am happy to bask in the glow of such accomplishment.

Unfortunately my final completion to hit the magic number was Monsters vs Aliens, a decent game but one that suffered from shockingly repetitive gameplay. I'm hoping to get stuck into an RPG after I finish up with wrestling, and with my copy of Dragon Age en route it could be the perfect opportunity. I still want to go back to Risen at some point as well - choices, choices.....

On the review front I have Fairytale Fights on my plate, plus Brutal Legend (which kind of fell through the cracks) and the upcoming Dragon Age which will no doubt take priority. Good times.

On the 200k race front my pal Rich is only one thousand points away from the magic number now so it is nearly over. I will have failed in my own personal goal of hitting 175k before someone got to 200k but at least I got close. Perhaps if my rental copy of Terminator Salvation shows up fairly soon then I will be able to make things more respectable. We shall see.