Thursday, September 13, 2012

Been a while

A lot has happened since my last full blog, mainly including me moving jobs which can partially be blamed on my blog itself (though not really) but I shall explain all of that at a later date. Seriously there is nothing better than getting screwed over to freshen the mind and recharge the batteries.

I've also moved house and been fairly busy personally speaking, so the first thing to go by the wayside was my unfortunate blog. Still I should have a bit more time now and hope to get back into the swing of things fairly quickly.

One thing I have started doing, which will hopefully give me plenty of writing fodder, is collecting classic SNES games. As well as trying to put together a collection of every PAL/NTSC game ever released (only one of each mind you) I'm going to be replaying them along the way and seeing if they stand up to modern comparisons. Should be interesting. A chronicle of my collecting and playing. I'd actually considered starting a brand new blog just for that purpose, and still might, but we shall see how we go.

I'll also start rambling on about my achievement progress and general Xbox 360 gaming once again, as I'm still trying to break through to that elusive 95% completion barrier (just shy of 93% at the moment). Though with so many games on my card it makes going up even one percent a mjor crawl. I think I need roughly 100+ achievements to go up one percent though it may well be more.

So expect to hear a little more from me in future. Fingers crossed.