Thursday, April 30, 2009

Completed Games

This image is already out of date as I need to add Uno and Resident Evil 5, but at least it's fairly up to date I guess. I've also put Lips on here even though I'm missing the last achievement. Need to do 10k more stars, but I put it on here to save me the trauma further down the line. I'll get that 1k this week - I swear.
EDIT: In a fit of proactivity I went and updated the picture to include my most recent completions, so you can kinda ignore the above as Resi and Uno are on there now. Pretty.

Puzzle Quest nearly done

I'm creeping closer to level 50 (47 at the moment) and I only have a few more quests before facing the big boss. So I'll be stuck at 190 points until I can find someone to play the multiplayer with me at some point. I'm also not going to bother with the extra 50 points of DLC as it's bad enough that I have a ton of crappy retail games at anywhere from 1100 to 1750, so I'd rather keep the few arcade games I do have to 200 points for neatness.

As I'm in a race of sorts I will also bust out some easy stuff to play alongside my tough games. I've lined up Secret Service, Shellshock, SEGA UGC and Hannah Montana to boost me up to 150k. Plus, I'll be dabbling with Wheelman in between times in order to get the 1k - though getting S ranks on all of the side missions will be brutal.

Finishing off my old arcade games made me think about the longest gap between me starting a game and eventually getting the full score in it. UNO was commenced in 2007 but only just finished. Not bad - a two year turnaround. Though the grand champion is FIFA World Cup 2006 which I started in May 2006 (surprisingly) and only just got around to finishing about a month ago. Nearly three years of pain on those scenarios. Though it seemed a lot easier than I remembered when I finally went back to it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

200K Race

I totally forgot to mention the 200k race I'm in at the moment (which is kind of the reason I rediscovered my blog in the first place, ha ha) so here is the low down:

The poor fools involved are: Rich x360a (the man who got me involved in the GSL), Mechahertz (a Blacksite boosting buddy), Hammer x360a (he likes hockey - that's all I really know, ha ha), Elite Hero (works over at Trueachievements) and Apple (boosted COD 3 with me, ha ha, what fools we were). All great guys so it promises to be interesting.

Everyone is fairly close to be honest and a few quick 1k games could change the race pretty rapidly. In all honesty though (and I'm not just getting excuses ready here) I anticipate that I will finish in last once everything is said and done. The main reason for this is my quest to finish off a load of old games: when you consider I have Bladestorm, GOW, GOW2, R6V, PDZ, Project Sylpheed, Wheelman, C&C3, WSC 07 etc etc on my list then you can see where my problem lies. I just won't be cranking out enough points to keep up.

I WILL be pimping a few easy games along the way to keep me sane, like Hannah Montana, Secret Service and so on, but I doubt it will be enough to let me win.

Still it should be fun and hopefully we can all boost together now and again to speed things along.

Completion and all that jazz

Figured it was time for me to start tidying up my gamercard and getting rid of all those unsightly games stuck at less than 200/200 or 1000/1000.

First up were the evil arcade titles that I'd bought for some inexplicable reason, Geometry Wars aside, I can't think of a single arcade title that I would rate as value for money really. As most of them are years old and really have not aged that well.

Anyway, my initial challenge was getting ten 4-player wins on Uno (I know - how did I miss this one?) and it ended up being relatively simple. I got in a room with three lovely ladies from the southern U.S and while they chatted about babies, diapers and men we proceeded to play game after game. They assumed I was some kind of Uno voyeur (do such people exist?) as I didn't say much really, but it was fun while it lasted and got me the wins I needed.

Next up was Puzzle Quest which I'm trudging through in single player. I'm at level 38 and need to get to 50, as well as complete the game and win an online match. With NO ONE playing the game online it could be kind of tricky - so any volunteers?

Then I'll move on to Gauntlet, as I need a crapload of online and co-op stuff for that too.

Also, finished up the initial 1k on Resident Evil 5 which I thoroughly enjoyed. I played through Pro mode on co-op with Webb which was a good laugh. Especially when we ended up killing off a certain someone (that we were meant to save) about 50 times.

See how I held back on the spoilers? I'm good like that.

Next up retail wise I'm going to go back and 1k Wheelman then aim for 1k on Project Sylpheed. Both are going to be a grind but it needs to be done. Also, going to play Snooker 09 for review purposes at some point too. Yaaaaaay!

I'm back - for some reason!

Wow, I'd actually forgotten I had this blog and then it was slapped in my face when I tried to log into someone elses page. Most of this was written while in my job of a few years ago (which I have since moved on from) and seems to have been inspired by rage if nothing else.

Thankfully since then I have decidedly mellowed with age. I now have my own house, a lovely lady to share it with and a job that I can at least enjoy. Hurrah!

On the side I also write reviews for the spiffing which is a lovely diversion. There are plenty of haters out there, who say reviews in general suck or are meaningless but, really, why do they read them then?

I guess I will use this blog to ramble about any gaming related shenanigans I get up to and what things I may be playing/reviewing/hating at any given time.

In all truth I'll probably be boring anypoor unfortunate readers to tears as well. Good times.