The SNES Collection

Not too long ago you may, or may not, have seen the rather whopping auction that sprung up on ebay when a gentleman decided to sell a massive collection of vintage games. He was asking for over a million Euros - but his collection had every game for the NES, SNES, Megadrive, PC Engine and more. It was truly stupendous and got me thinking that I'd actually like to build up a similar sort of collection myself.

Now the SNES remains one of my very favourite consoles to this day, though the Playstation 1/2 comes a close second (mainly due to the inordinate amount of awesome RPG games present on both systems). However, a Playstation collection would be a lot more unwieldy due to the vast quantity of games and the ease with which some of them can get damaged. Plus, very few of the games had any actual scarcity or nostalgia. I do actually own a decent number of PS1 and PS2 titles anyway, most notably RPG's, so felt it would be better to have a fresh start with a system that has a set number of games to choose from.

So I went about starting a collection, with my overall aim (over a large amount of time no doubt) to snag a copy of every PAL/US game available. If a game is available on both I'll go for the PAL copy, whereas if there is only a US copy I'll get that. I'm not going to bother with NTSC-J games as if I can't read them - what's the point? So in a bid to get the collection going I had a massive clear out of old games a few months back, mainly review copies, 360 games I've completed and so on. I managed to raise quite a bit of money and promptly spent it on getting the SNES collection started.

To begin with I cherry picked a few games that I'd owned and loved as a kid, along with a few classics I knew I'd missed. I also invested in people selling off bulk lots of cartridges or consoles with multiple games I wanted. Any surplus consoles or duplicate games would instantly go back on ebay to provide more cash for future purchases. It was a good system and I managed to go from owning zero games to over a hundred in a few months.

Unfortunately, I ran out of stuff to sell and the amount of things we need money for around the house has grown, plus Xmas is coming up, etc etc. So the project has ground to a halt for now but I hope to continue it in earnest in the new year. Fingers crossed.

I already have a list of the games I own at home - so I'll pop that on here once I have a second so you can cast a critical eye over my choices. Plus, I hope to start playing through some of them and casting an eye over whether they still hold up to critical muster after all this time. Let's hope it's not all rose tinted glasses.

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